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The Bold and the Beautiful

The seasonal (and sartorial) transition from winter to spring is one of the most fun and exciting. There is nothing like walking outside without a coat for the first time since summer, or slipping into a pair of sandals instead of stuffing your feet into a pair of snow boots. Even though our favorite groundhog […]

Trend Alert: Spring 2015

With spring drawing near, chunky knits and warm, bulky wears are being tossed aside to make way for lighter weight fabrics and skin-showing silhouettes. Here is a look at what the experts project will be this spring’s front running fashion trends: 1. White Lace White lace is making its debut in casual daywear, from head […]

Work It

5 Fabulous Pieces to Add to Your Work Wear Wardrobe   The moments between waking up and leaving for work in the morning are precious; every second counts. Wasting time trying to find a killer outfit to wear to work is time that could be better spent eating an actual breakfast (instead of a granola […]

Fashionable Fabrics from NY Fashion Week

The below freezing temperatures, snow storms and hurricane-level winds that pummeled the city of New York last week didn’t stop the fashionable parade of designers, creative directions, editors, journalists, celebrities and bloggers that make up the New York Fashion Week elite from painting the city with epic style. The autumn ’15 ready-to-wear collections shown this […]

Warm Winter Style

The unyielding winter elements and seemingly endless snowstorms can get daunting and make you feel down in the dumps. What better way to brighten the streets and your mood by throwing on some epic winter style? Here are some easy to put together looks that will keep you as fashionable as they will keep you […]

Valentine’s Day: Five Fiery Dresses

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans have in store, a killer, unforgettable getup is essential for setting the right precedent for a romantic evening. Whether you’re getting wined and dined by a new love interest, enjoying a romantic night at your favorite spot with your long-time valentine, or boycotting the entire scene and going […]

Trend Alert – Fashion Leggings

Leggings have made their mark as a long-lasting trend in the women’s wear realm, and the longer they stick around, the more patterns and prints appear on the super comfortable garment. No matter what your preference, whether it be neutral animal print, bright geometric shapes, or feminine florals there is a fashion legging out there […]

Printed Knits for 2015

Knit fabrics are incredibly comfortable, breathable and super flexible due to their loose and stretchy knot construction. Making their debut in undergarments and leisurewear, the unstructured nature and soft feel of knit fabrics made them perfect for clothing that sat close to the skin and was first categorized as strictly casualwear. Modern day fashions, however, […]


Houndstooth is a classic weave pattern often used in suiting apparel and outerwear. Recently the geometric print has been incorporated into other garments like dresses, leggings and sweaters in unique ways, using the timeless print to create fun, modern pieces. Here are some of Fashion Fabrics Club favorites from the current collections! Sheer Button-Up A […]

Falling for Fleece

Fleece is a wonderful winter fabric. Made from 100% polyester fiber, fleece has great heat insulation properties despite its light weight, and it has a cozy, super soft napped surface. Needless to say, fleece is incredibly comfortable to wear. The fuzzy fabric is easy to sew and makes a great option for adding a layer […]