5 Ways to do Culottes

Fashion Fabrics Club has rounded up 5 of the chicest ways to rock the trend, and the fabrics to make them shine.

The Cover Up

Whether you plan to spend time by the pool, a lounger on a roof deck, or under an umbrella at a sandy beach—a cover-up will allow you to go straight from sun bathing to sunset drinks without an outfit switch. Check out some of Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite cover-ups for this summer.

Age of Athleisure

Embellished sweatshirts, metallic running shorts, joggers with heels—the sport-chic trend of athleisure is still in full swing. And Fashion Fabrics Club has all the fabrics you need to pull off the look.

Wedding Weekend

Whether you’re a part of the wedding party or not, knowing everything you need to pack is key to a successful, stress-free weekend.  Read Fashion Fabrics Club’s guide to packing for a wedding weekend.

Summer Black Out

Black is classically chic, flattering, and oh-so-easy to pair—which makes it a great color for any time of year. Read Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite ways to wear black this summer.

One Piece Wonders

Investing in some killer pieces that are an outfit all on their own is the way to go. Check out Fashion Fabrics Club’s top five favorite one pieces for the summer.

Loving Linen

Lightweight, natural, breathable, and totally of-the-moment. Linen is one of the most popular fabrics for summer, always, but this summer it’s taking on a whole new look. Check out Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite ways to wear linen this season.

Dressing for Memorial Day

Showing your patriotic pride this Memorial Day weekend doesn’t have to be tacky. In fact, with the right fabrics and the right pairings, a red-white-and-blue ensemble can be totally chic. Here are Fashion Fabrics Club’s five favorite looks, from casual to dressup, to help inspire your weekend wardrobe.

Go Green

Ivy, forest, olive, emerald—from dusty neutral shades to vivid jewel tones, green is a great pick for summer outfits. Here are some of Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite ways to go green this summer.

Blue Crush

Check out some of Fashion Fabrics Club’s favorite ways to dive into the blue trend this summer.